Pellet Service Plans

Get the most heat and dependability out of your pellet stove or insert by having it professionally cleaned after each season.

“Annual Pellet” Service Plan – $230 year*
Every Pellet Stove/Insert should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected by a qualified person at least once per year.
This is our most popular service plan and is designed for customers that would like to have a trained professional service their pellet device. It includes one (1) end of season cleaning scheduled between the months of May – August.
Also includes Service Plan Benefits Below:
With our “Annual Pellet” cleaning, one of our technicians will come out and inspect your entire system, which includes the appliance and the venting to the outside. This is a diagnostic, tear down cleaning that involves most or all of the vital components of the pellet device and then putting the stove parts back together again. The venting for the appliance will also be cleaned and inspected. When we are finished, we will start the stove and verify the appliance is working properly.
During this visit, if you have any questions regarding the appliance, how to use and care for it, or want to become more knowledgeable, just ask. Our technicians are trained to assist and educate the end user on the best practices to empower you to get the most out of your pellet heating investment.

“Comprehensive Pellet” Service Plan – $330 year*
This service plan is designed for customers that burn 3 or more tons of pellets per year and depend on their stove
as a major source of heat during the winter months. It includes all the benefits of the “Annual Pellet” cleaning PLUS
one (1) mid-winter follow up cleaning to enhance the performance of the appliance. All manufacturers suggest that the appliance be completely cleaned after every 1-2 tons of pellets burned. This plan takes care of that for you!
Hearth appliances weren’t designed to carry the heating demands of a whole house and homes aren’t really designed to be heated using a hearth appliance. Simply put, we all get addicted to our stoves and the cost savings and forget how much our stove is being over worked. The Comprehensive Pellet Service Plan was designed with these considerations in mind.

Service Plan Benefits
15% Discount on Parts Used  |  Priority Service  |  Labor Warranty*

Because of the popularity of our Pellet Service Plans, these rates are only available for purchase from March 1st to July 15th. This allows us time to schedule the requested service.  Click Here to download a copy of the contract and return to our office Or call 610-929-5794 for more details.

*See contract for details.

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